3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope Reviewed

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You know what you're getting with .  This is the brand that dominates the stethoscope market, and for good reason.  We like Littmanns and have been using them for years ourselves.  They're durable and they sound good.

The Littmann Classic iii stethoscope comes with a few noteworthy features.

We loved the fact that it comes with both an adult and a paediatric side, making it ideal for generalists and those who see patients from all age groups.  The paediatric side can also be used in areas where a smaller diaphragm is indicated - for example, for carotid auscultation.

If you prefer a traditional bell-and-diaphragm stethoscope, it's easy to customise the Classic iii by removing the diaphragm from the paediatric side.  This is a quick and easy way to convert one of the diaphragms into a bell.  Genius.

The single-piece diaphragms, the quality, highly-resistant tubing and the excellent sound are as you would expect from a Littmann.

The price point is accessible, and you get a versatile, durable piece of kit for your money.  This is more expensive than the Littmann Classic ii, but you get the added benefit of a paediatric diaphragm for the extra cash.

Oh, and it comes in a selection of colours including our personal favourites, turquoise and raspberry.


We initially weren't sure about the double-diaphragm design, but were won over by the idea that you can convert one to a bell if you need to.


A versatile stethoscope and good value for money.

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