Child-friendly nebuliser

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  • Rate of nebulisation adapted for children
  • Virtual valve technology
  • Quiet operation at 46 dB - ideal for nervous children
  • Compatible with small mask
  • Small and compact device
  • Cute character toy included (and who wouldn't be happy to see this little critter?).  This is reusable.
  • Omron currently provide a 3 year warranty
  • Attractive price point for professional users


  • 46dB can still seem quite loud to a very nervous child or baby
  • Nebulises at a much lower rate than standard nebulisers - 0.3ml/min rather than 0.5 ml/min


If you work in a clinical area where you regularly nebulise children, this is a great piece of kit to add to your collection.  However, be aware that nebulisation rate is significantly lower than with standard devices.

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