10 weird questions people ask Google about stethoscopes

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People have lots of questions about stethoscopes, and they aren’t shy about sharing them with Google. Here are our picks of the weird and wonderful things the internet has asked about stethoscopes.

Does a stethoscope work through walls? / How to listen through walls with a stethoscope

Apparently a common question. After all, who doesn’t want a gadget that can allow them to listen through walls?

Here’s the answer. Yes, you can use a stethoscope to listen through walls. The stethoscope is designed to amplify even the softest sounds produced by organs deep inside the body, hence listening to a conversation in the next room shouldn’t be too much trouble.

There are plenty of sites online that give instructions on how to kit up your stethoscope to turn it into a ‘spy stethoscope’, although we wouldn’t recommend doing that to your Littmann Cardiology IV.

If you’re seriously interested in listening through walls, it might be better to invest in a dedicated gadget for listening through walls.  You can also buy this rather James Bond long range listening device, but be aware that neither of these work on patients.


Can you open a safe with a stethoscope?

Apparently this only works on older combination safes.  More modern safes – like this electronic safe – are invulnerable to stethoscope.

Which way do you insert the stethoscope?

Ominous.  Please don’t insert the stethoscope into anything other than your ears.

How to make a crochet stethoscope cover

Grandma, is that you?  I’ve told you already.  The other doctors keep making fun of my knitted sphygmomanometer and quilted white coat.

How to make a stethoscope out of fondant

We would probably start with something like this sugarcraft stethoscope mould.

…or just have a glass of wine and use this easy version.


Who invented the stethoscope in 1816?

So you know and insist on googling the year, and yet you can’t remember his name?

How to use a stethoscope on a pregnant dog

Infovets has a good guide for keen pet owners, but we would recommend getting your poor pooch a comfy place to sleep before chasing her around the room with a stethoscope.  That, and getting her some proper medical attention if she needs it.

How to make a stethoscope out of paper

Science Sparks have a super simple tutorial that will keep your kids busy for hours – unless you want to buy them their own children’s medical set.

How to make a stethoscope with headphones

As we mentioned above, there are lots of tutorials available online.  Most involve headphones, glue gun, plastic tubing and a suitable head (often a bottle cap).

It seems like a lot of work for something that may or may not be useable.  Especially when you can buy a stethoscope for the price of a cup of coffee on Amazon.  Admittedly, this isn’t going to be the best stethoscope in the world – but it’s going be be a lot better than something you’ve made out of junk.


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