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We all know at least one doctor with a soft spot for .  Pink stethoscope, pink pulse oximeter, pink everything.  They’re probably also the person who brings in cake most frequently.

If that person is you, here’s our rundown of the best (and cutest) pink gadgets you can buy.

Pink stethoscopes

Good news – pink stethoscopes are no longer just a gimmick.  The big brands – notably – now all produce pink tubes that will do more than just look pretty.

Littmann offers various models in this colour, including the Littmann Classic II, Littmann Classic III and the higher-end Littmann Cardiology IV.  Pink paediatric stethoscopes are also available.

For those on a tighter budget, there are several .  Check out a selection of our best finds here:

Pink pulse oximeters

There are loads of on the market.  In our experience, the cheaper ones tend to take a few seconds longer to pick up a trace, and can give slightly less reliable results in patients who are peripherally shut down.  However, it’s always nice to have a spare in your bag, and for the majority of patients they do an adequate job.  Here are some to try:

Pink scrubs

You need more pink in your life?  Pink scrubs might be the answer.

We liked the candy-pink colour of these scrubs by Adar, as well as the fact that they were available in unisex sizes.  So many pink scrubs are available as tops only, but these come with matching trousers.  Ideal if you’re going for the Doctor Barbie look.

Most of the popular scrub manufacturers make pink scrubs, including Cherokee and Dickies.

If you want to try the look, try these for size:

Pink medical equipment for your pockets

You can buy pink tourniquets, pink pen torches and some rather fetching pink gloves so you have absolutely NO EXCUSE not to be on-brand at all times.

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